Where to start? Well, first of all – this website is all about what the title implies. SIMPLE things. FLORIDA things. Things that I take PLEASURE in. And all those things are typically presented on this site through my photography. 

I’ve lived in Florida for my entire adult life, and I’ve learned to embrace and fully appreciate the tropical beauty of my surroundings. I live in a world of blue skies and sunshine … crashing ocean waves, wading birds and colorful flowers. And I love to capture all these things on a daily basis!

I use whatever camera equipment I have on hand at that moment – my iPhone … or a basic “point and shoot” (Nikon L110) … or one of my DSLRs (Nikon D3300, Nikon D5300) – because you just never know when life is going to present you with a beautiful, SIMPLE PLEASURE.

Photography is not my profession but it is my passion!

:: All photographs featured on this site are © Kelly Hay . If you would like to use any images on your own personal website or blog, feel free … but please give proper credit! Thank you! ::