It’s that time of year !!!

Mating season … breeding season … nesting season … whatever you call the “season,” IT HAS BEGUN! In early spring here in northeast Florida, hundreds of great egrets, woodstorks, roseate spoonbills, snowy egrets, and a multitude of different types of heron begin their dazzling displays of courtship as nests are built and eggs are laid! It is a photographer’s dream!

( I had a serious case of lens envy – trying to take pictures – when standing next to these photographers! Me and my little Nikon D3300 looked rather silly but I still got some great shots! )

So what were we all looking at? Trees like this ….

In the 3 and 1/2 hours I spent taking pictures this weekend, I ended up with 1,150 shots. (*Sigh* Honestly, I haven’t even gone through all the photographs I took during last nesting season! )

Most of the photographs I took are of the great egrets, but a roseate spoonbill would pose for me every now and again …

But let’s face it … most everyone comes to photograph the dazzling great egret displays!