Remember Film?

I’ve been into photography (off and on) for many, MANY years. My first SLR was a Minolta (back when I was in my mid-20s) and I can remember buying tons of FILM.

Remember film? Remember having to process hundreds of photographs in the hopes that maybe – just maybe – you actually captured a really great shot somewhere amongst all the throw-aways? I shudder now to think about all the money that was wasted back in those days.

Two decades later, I’m so thankful for digital photography. I now own several Nikons (from point-and-shoots (which I have with me at all times) to more complex DSLRs with multiple lens.) But every now and again, I like to go through all my old photos … photos that haven’t exactly weathered well over the years (guess the processing wasn’t the best) but photos that are worth sharing nonetheless.

Case in point: I scanned these two images so that I could have digital files to share. Even though the photographs are old (and scratched) I think the beauty of these birds still shines through.