Just the other day a friend of mine was complaining about how he could never seem to capture any good photographs of dragonflies. Being that they were so small and seemingly always on the move, he had now deemed them his nemesis!

Well, I seem to have good luck when taking pictures of dragonflies …

BUT … I was quick to inform him of my own nemesis: an OSPREY that nests down by the river!

It never fails: if I’m on the east side of the river, he’s on the west bank … and if I’m on the west bank, then he’s on the east side! And – it – drives – me – crazy!

I’ve only managed to take a couple of shots of him – from the opposite side of the river – with my lens zoomed in at 300 mm and both times, he’s still taken off before I could really focus in on him!

But I am ever hopeful that one day – ONE DAY – I will finally get my shot! A better shot … a great shot!