Our Neighborhood “Gang” :: Juvenile Ibis

In some neighborhoods, you can look out your window at any given moment and see neighbors walking their dogs and children playing in the street. In my neighborhood, you will most definitely see that … AND … you will probably also see our neighborhood “gang” – a group of juvenile IBIS that stroll up and down our streets, eating the insects from our yards and ditches.

When they’re all grown up, they’ll be solid white but juveniles have patches and spots of various shades of brown. Personally, I think they’re much more visually interesting as juveniles.

To round out the last post of this week’s flora and fauna, I’m sharing photos of the water hyacinth that is blooming in our canals and the caladium (both white and bicolor) that is now popping up in my flower beds. Personally, I think the water hyacinth is beautiful but some kayakers and canoers hate it because it can apparently become quite invasive, impeding navigation!