Morning Walks and BlueJay Moons

I’m starting off the day with a photograph of the oak hammock down by the Intracoastal waterway where I take my morning walks. I love it down there. It’s so close to my house; I can be there in just a couple of minutes!

Now about that bluejay moon … ever since I put up the bird feeders in my backyard, I have found that cardinals and mockingbirds are fairly easy to photograph. But for some reason, every time I walk into my backyard to try and take a picture of a bluejay, they all just fly away.

So the other day, I actually stalked one – determined to get a photograph! I even climbed onto the lower branches of the tree he was perched upon in order to obtain a better view.

And what did he end up doing? He turned around and fluffed his butt at me!

Yep, I was mooned by a bluejay.