Mushroom Clouds and Tulip Shadows

I remember taking a photography class years ago and one of the first things our instructor had us focus on was composition of the shot. The next thing I remember her endlessly preaching to us about was light and shadows … or more specifically, NO shadows, No shadows, NO shadows!

Now I can understand why you wouldn’t want to end up with a portrait of someone with shadows casting over their face – or an architectural detail shot lacking clarity because of roof shadow etc. etc. – BUT I think that sometimes shadows can make the shot more dramatic.

Case in point: I was experimenting with light and shadow just the other day and I love the way this “mushroom cloud” shot came out. If it wasn’t for the dramatic interplay, it would just be a photograph of an ordinary mushroom. Same thing goes for the tulips – tulips are my favorite flower but every other shot I took of them was just soooo ordinary. I think the shadowing makes this photograph much more interesting to look at.