Bamboo and Backyard Critters

Ever since I put the new birdfeeder up in the backyard, we’ve had lots of interest from other little critters that aren’t exactly feathered friends.

We also recently had new fencing installed on the east and west sides of the property line and these little critters seem to be a bit confused by it – happily scampering about the old fence that runs along the south side but steering clear of the east and west.

So I decided to tackle both problems with one solution: put up a squirrel feeder on the opposite end of the yard from the birdfeeder and to attach the squirrel feeder to the new fencing.

The squirrels no longer seem confused by the new barriers so now we’re even installing a temporary bamboo reed covering on the old (southside) fence to make it blend better with the new.


The bamboo didn’t seem to faze them at all.

I think they’re secretly hoping for a tiki bar to pop up next.